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Wayne State Law School's Business Journal is a student ran organization located in Detroit, Michigan. The Business Journal will publish articles written by practitioners and scholars on topics focused on transactional law, employment law, business development and planning, capital markets, securities regulation, and other business related areas.

VOLUME ONE 2016-2017


Article Title: Shareholder Rights and Liabilities.

  • Written by: Gerard Mantese and Ian Williamson


Article Title: Proposing an alternative to privatization to combat water price increases introduction. 

  • Written by: Jayoung Jeon


Article Title: Is MAREVA the face that launched a thousand trips to the offshore havens?

  • Written by: David Cook 


Article Title: States Unbounded: Examining the authority of the multistate tax compact in a modern, multijurisdictional economy.

  • Written by: Natasha N. Varyani